What age is it ok to watch the following (dadsnet spinoff)?


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Is there a funnier film in terms of gags per square minute than Airplane?

I love it. I absolutely love it.


I think I must have only ever watched Ghostbusters on a recorded VHS as I had no idea about that ghost blow job scene until now.


I remember watching Naked Gun quite young…maybe 10?

I doubt any other movie has made me laugh more times.


There’s a sex scene in The Naked Gun!

I put Gremlins on last Christmas when she was 1.5

The gremlin in the blender was the point at which I realised I am not good at gauging appropriateness


Have got The Goonies on DVD which I’ve been thinking of watching with the kids. However, have a feeling that it might be too scary for a 3 and 5 year old - anyone watched it recently?

That is one the boy bailed on when sloth started featuring (he’s good, honest) and also quite a bit of swearing.

He bailed on this week’s Doctor Who as well.

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I think I watched it last year with my nephew who was 11 at the time. Dunno about too scary, but I’d imagine it’d be difficult for a 3 year old to follow. I also realised it was actually a pretty boring film which was embarrassing after all my “What?! You haven’t seen Goonies? But it’s a classic!”

It was the same scene where I turned it off but it was the straight up stabbing of a gremlin that didn’t seem as cute as I remembered.

I remember going to the cinema with my mum aged about 12 or 13 (me not my mum!) to see Airplane as a double feature with The Big Bus. Laughed my young arse off to both, I think my prudish mum may have tutted at the “the shit’s really gonna hit the fan now” bit. There is also a shot of boobs when everyone on the plane is panicking.

Airplane still makes me laugh every time I see it.

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The boobs are clothed though aren’t they - as far as I remember.

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No, I think they’re bouncing free


Nope, they’re full screen jiggling for about two seconds.


Might have to check that tonight!

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Police Academy 1 has boobs. Tackleberry is playing sax on the beach at night and then some ladies dance in front of him without any clothing on their upper bodies.

Take it to the filth thread

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Failures I have had watching films with my kids:

Back to the Future - swearing. They love it though.
Goonies - swearing, Sloth, scary (apparently) Fratellis. Made my daughter cry.
Great Escape - Donald Pleasance gets shot, amogst others. Made my daughter cry.
The Snowman - Made my daughter cry. When the Snowman melts at the end, she wailed “He’s gooooooone!” and it nearly did me in.
Incredibles 2 - inexplicably had to leave the cinema with my son who got scared.
Watership Down - Well. This was a bad, bad day. I’m still in the doghouse with the entire family for this one.


We are never watching Watership Down!