What album have you bought the most amount of times?

For me it’s Machine Gun Etiquette by The Damned. Only last week I couldn’t resist buying a card sleeve replica of the original Chiswick release on CD. It looks great but I already own in digitally, on vinyl and CD (25th Anniversary edition).

This will take some beating though!!


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Cure - wish.

Bought it on tape originally, then cd when I got a cd player and on vinyl at some point too.

Nevermind by Nirvana - bought it on tape as a kid, lost the tape so bought it again. Upgraded to CD, then got it on vinyl and most recently bought the deluxe edition on CD.

This might be my most boring post ever.

Sublime self-titled twice. Had to repurchase it after someone on the bus pulled the “Can I see that CD for a second?”- “Sure, here you go… Can I have my CD back now?”-“What CD?” routine on me.

I also at one point had three copies of Mellon Collie and I legitimately have no idea how that happened.

just bought my third copy of joanna newsom’s Ys. reckon i’ve bought a good few delouseds and frances’ over the years as well.

Probably Zammuto’s s/t first album. Bought digitally first. Then got limited edition vinyl. Then bought it on eMusic to have a copy I could share around. And then bought it on CD.

Also probably Pearl Jam’s Ten. Bought on tape originally, then CD, then digital copy of the remaster from a few years ago, and then again in vinyl recently.

I’m such a sucker.

Modest Mouse moon&Antartica
2x CD. 1x MP3 1x Vinyl

There are a few albums from the 60s and 70s where I have both the US and UK pressings or stereo and mono versions.

But there’s only one record that I have three of - original 1966 vinyl, re-issued 1998 vinyl and CD of “Black Monk Time” by The Monks.

Small Faces - Ogdens Nut Gone Flake (Original issue CD, re-mastered CD, three CD tin-box edition, Deluxe edition).

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Radiohead - OK Computer. I have had it on CD twice (when CD booklet got damaged). I have it in the Parlafone CD box set, as well as the standard and 20th Anniversary vinyl edition so I have 5 copies of it in total.

Steely Dan - the first seven albums. I’m on my 4th set.

Cassette > original CD > remastered CD > vinyl UK first pressing.

I plan to continue with US vinyl first pressing, 8-track cartridge and master tapes.

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Mansun - Attack of the Grey Lantern

i gave it as a present to so many people in 1997… i thought every one of my friends should have it. They do. so 20+ times.

I have 5 for myself, on different formats, editions and imports.


I think it must be the White album

Cassette (early 90s, before I got my 1st CD player)
CD - later 90s
Remastered MONO CD (as part of the mono boxset) (00s)
Mono Vinyl

so that’s 4. Lots 3 times over, but that’s the only 4 I can think of

Ended up with 3 copies of Engineers’ Home after scratching the first one and forgetting that I’d bought a replacement when I’d bought the third. Something similar with Drugstore’s debut.

Intentional repeat purchases have been very limited, replacing worn out cassettes with cds. Boring eh?

Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too by The New Radicals, three times, for some reason. One of those was as a present though.

Usually I can’t bring myself to buy albums that I’ve bought before; if I’ve lost a CD I’d rather never hear it again than shell out for it again

As the price of CDs has fallen through the floor I’m
Increasingly buying multiple copies of CDs (generally at charity shops) that I really like. Seems a shame to leave them on the shelf when they are a quid (or even less) and they are then either a disc to chuck around when I’m in the car or as gifts.

Bought multiple copies of the most recent two Los Campesinos! albums; vinyl for me and then CD copies to give to friends/siblings. Tend to buy a lot of LC! merch and gig tickets to give to other people as well as my own stuff purely because I want to fund the band.

For my own personal use I bought 1989 three times. First I pre-ordered the CD, then when the digital version had three bonus tracks that weren’t on the CD I bought that too, then bought it on vinyl when that came out. I don’t feel particularly good about Taylor as a person these days since the “verified fan” bullshit, which is just rinsing people, so I pirated Reputation, and it’s fucking terrible.

I didn’t “buy” Run The Jewels 3 three times, but when it first came out as a free download I made a point of buying a t-shirt as a kind of gratitude thing, then a website accidentally listed the CD as the LP so I bought that hoping to get the LP at a CD price but didn’t particularly mind when the CD turned up, and then I just bought the LP recently anyway so I could have all 3 records on my shelf.

I tend to pirate most stuff, then buy a lot of stuff from bands I like out of a sense of goodwill.

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I’d say you should have re-gifted every copy but it wouldn’t help because you only get what you give.


Manics - Generation Terrorists.

1st time on cassette (I usually bought vinyl, but if it was much cheaper a tape would do).

Then over the years…CD, LP picture disc, LP normal, Mini-Disc, MP3, 20th Anniversary remaster-outtakes etc. CD/DVD Fairly sure I have a promo CD which differed from normal as well.

They must have looked at your purchase history and thought “you love us”