What album have you bought the most amount of times?

For me it’s one of two;

Mogwai - Mogwai Young Team - On CD at Uni, then from eMusic, then again in Aberdeen, and then the ten Anniversary reissue a few years back
Idlewild - 100 Broken Windows - On CD at Uni, then from eMusic, then again in Aberdeen, and then the ten Anniversary edition a few years back

Had to buy a second copy of Mercury Rev’s Yerself Is Steam because a “mate” never gave me the first one back.

Think that’s it.

I always buy good stuff when I see it. It usually sits in a separate pile at home for a while before I think of a friend who’d like it.

loveless. maybe 3 or 4 times

yeah. just realised i’ve probably bought 4 or 5 copies of Babybird’s There’s Something Going On because of this

The Blue Album, probably.

Original CD
Deluxe CD
Vinyl reissue (2016)
MFSL pressing on blue vinyl

Probably The Days of Wine & Roses by the Dream Syndicate

US vinyl (Ruby)
UK vinyl (Rough Trade)
A couple of other cheap 2nd hand vinyl copies I bought and gave to people
Original cd from 1993
2001 Rhino cd reissue
2015 Omnivore cd reissue

Tell me when it’s overdraft I guess

one of the new order ones from their factory days
without actually checking the exact number


linen box cassette versions of
power corruption & lies
2 x brotherhood (gave away/ sold one copy - can’t remember which)
2 x substance

promo/white label vinyl
substance - the gatefold substance

regular original vinyl
movement (at least 2 copies)
power corruption & lies (2 or 3 copies)
brotherhood ( at least 4 copies, one metallic sleeve edition)

movement uk & us with different colour sleeve
brotherhood (at least 2, one metallic, one standard)
p,c & l (at least 2)
low life

reissued deluxe cd
p, c & l

reissued at same time as the deluxe ones on vinyl
p. c & l

clear vinyl hmv exclusive movement (3 copies)
mif coloured vinyl p, c & l
the times free classic albums p, c & l cd
croation version of movement

so either power corruption & lies or movement

note to self - buy more copies of lowlife.

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this doesn’t beat it at the time it was published (just 693 copies) but will grow


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That reminds me. about 20 years ago I sold a Shiela na gig pj harvey 7” on eBay to a guy in the states. The 7” was a limited 400 or 500 disc (I think) and he collected them, think he said he had about 40 copies of the same record. Dedication’s what you need.


Stone Roses - Stone Roses

CD which got nicked, a replacement CD, a special addition with remixes and B-sides and stuff, then the LP. I think I still have the very original cassette copy I had of it taped off a friend somewhere. I listened to that so much I still expected one of the songs to skip or stop at certain places.

I’ve got the original lp & us release with extra track both on vinyl
& think picked a cd up of it at some point as well as the 20th anniversary cd
so 4. probably top non new order one.

I think the only thing I have ever bought twice is Takk… because I saw a “special edition” CD with some artwork and stuff for a fiver in Fopp once.

Earth 2 (2x vinyl, 1x CD).


This is great :smiley:

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I bought Low Life on vinyl the day it was released with the rice paper wrap around. Not sure what happened to it, very common in the 80’s to just lend albums out so prob never had it returned! Great album.

Superfuzz Big Muff EP

Original Uk release on vinyl on Glitterhouse
Vinyl re-issue on Sub Pop
CD deluxe version

Got several versions of Maybe I’m Dead by Money Mark (shaped cds, picture disc, vinyl).

Original print of 8 Way Santa (couple on cover) and recent re-issue (band on cover).

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Was there at there first UK shows (Birmingham Barrel Organ) and only owned it on original vinyl which too is now lost somewhere, somehow. I have the MP3 via, um, cough…

Nice. I have a couple of editions of Touch Me I’m Sick, but none of the really rare early ones. I think they were the first American band I ever saw, in 91 or 92.