What album have you bought the most amount of times?


I’ve bought The Velvet Underground and Nico 801 times.


Only two of them are. The other is this:


I’ve been suckered into buying variants for things I love, but that’s dedication.


London Calling by The Clash. I bought it on record originally but wanted a CD copy too. Then I bought the 25th anniversary double album with DVD and never listened to it before selling it on for about a quid to Music Magpie.


OK Computer.

CD (birthday present for my sister when it came out)
CD for myself
CD for my dad
Replacement CD with dickhead I worked with at the pub nicked mine
CD deluxe box set thing
CD for my mate Nick
CD for my ex girlfriend Emma

Haven’t bought the 20th anniversary thing as I’m not fucking made of money, mate.


Must be well into double figures of 'It’s a Shame About Ray’s by now.

LP that got sold or lost > cassette for the car > CD (I heard you’re selling all your vinyl and buying CDs) > replacement LP (I heard you’re selling all your CDs and buying vinyl again) > fancy reissue double CD > not as collectable as I thought promo…

plus at least two more as birthday presents in ooooo 1992 and, in more recent times, 5 or 6 50p rescue purchases from Poundlands and charity shops. Poor old Ray doesn’t deserve to be in there with all those nasty Toploader CDs and unloved copies of REM’s Monster.


I think three versions is my maximum for any album. That would be Elton John self-titled.

My first vinyl copy was lost in cyclone Tracy, Darwin 1974. My second vinyl copy had the alternate cover featuring the sphinx, and annoyingly had some minor changes in the mix - not that it ruined it but I thought why tamper with perfection. That copy was left, along with lots of other stuff, with a friend when I left the country for an extended travel period, and when I returned there was no trace of the friend or the records. My third copy, which is the CD, seems to have the original mix. There has since been a reissue with several bonus tracks (is there any album that hasn’t had this?), but I’m not that keen on the extra tracks so I think this will be my final copy.

I still remember the first time I bought a CD of something for which I already had the vinyl, and thinking how extravagant that was.