What animal best represents you?


lot of spirit animal chat in the office today. we’ve been randomly assigning each other animals based on overall feel.

My assistant is a little owl; one of the sales staff is a leopard. My wife is a red panda.


what do you reckon you might be? obviously all of this is just banal bollocks but it’s thursday and i’m hangin what do you want from me


This is one of those things that’s a tad dismissive of the actual cultural first nation people origins of it all.




oh. shut it down @moderators , apologies. i just like comparing people to animals.




Call them your patronus, like in Harry Potter!!!1



Happy for other mods to shout me down but I feel like as long as we are aware of the phrase being of that origin, having spiritual roots for that culture and therefore ensure that we are respectful of the idea, it’s ok to do this thread. Maybe if the title just get changed to ‘animal you’re most like’ or something?


wait a second:

what first people origins?


this cat is so good


If I were an animal (not necessarily a spirit animal), I would be a blue whale. Large, slow moving, vaguely intelligent but not at all productive.

I was briefly involved in an office initiative where a group of people would do an extra interview for new candidates, focused entirely on their “cultural” fit rather than any skills based stuff. One of the questions someone asked was “If you were an animal what would you be and why”, but they asked it three times, with them having to give a new answer each time. According to them, the first animal you say is how you want to be seen, the second animal is how others to see you, the third is what you really are.


*Daemon His Dark Materials


and in fact from the wiki on totems:

Contemporary neoshamanic, New Age and mythopoetic men’s movements not otherwise involved in the practice of a tribal religion have been seen to use “totem” terminology for the personal identification with a tutelary spirit or guide.[1]


would walk out of the interview if I was asked that question to be honest.


That’s a pretty cat thing to do.


The entire process was scrapped pretty quickly.



ah, the noble whisky kitten.


I’m kind of a non-predatory cat. So basically just a sloth.


J Mascis