What animal would you remove from nature given half a chance?

No ecosystem will be affected.

Its got to be horses doesn’t it, fucking giant weirdos.

Flies & wasps


Dogs (except for guide dogs and that, obviously)

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They’re good guys, annoying people and hurting people who go to festivals.

The bastard carpet moths that are infesting my house!

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No all dogs must go, the visually impaired can have guide pigs instead (very intelligent animals).

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geese. absolute dickheads

source of a lot of funny you’ve been framed clips in the late 90s though

But their delicious fatty livers!


Spiders probably although swans are fucking pricks, worse than geese.

I’ll go swans to fuck off the Queen. I’ve taken your swans, lady!

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Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my morning fois gras :point_up::relieved:

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Or pandas.

Why do you only hate Chinese animals?

pandas is a good one. not even trying are they, just get rid

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Spiders. Even if the ecosystem/food chain is fucked as a result.

Slugs, snails and literally all ocean dwellers.

what about man’s best friend, the humble lobster

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I think I was going on about “can’t remember the last time I saw a wasp” or something on here the other day, I saw a wasp on Tuesday evening at TopGolf Chigwell.

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