What apps do you use?

Hearing people on here talk about the BBC News apps and it got me thinking that I don’t really use many apps at all. Most of my online time is spent on Chrome on my phone.

How about you? Are you a big app user?

  • I always use an app if there’s an app available
  • I often use an app if there’s an app available
  • I sometimes use an app if there’s an app available
  • I rarely use an app if there’s an app available
  • I never use apps

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What apps do you use?

A website trying to get you to use their app is just trying to get you to look at it without adblock / snoop your location / steal your contacts…

(I use apps for things that aren’t just websites, but not sure thats what you’re asking.)


I don’t use website apps, but I use like duolingo, insta, pocketcast, apps for shops/cafes, focus timer app, and a neuro-whatever music app for concentration.

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Apps that I use regularly:

BBC Sport
BBC News
Met Office
Super 6

I’m very much neither of those things. It’s good for food content and recipes.

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I use

BBC Sounds (begrudgingly)
The Google ones, Gmail maps translate etc
And who am I kidding, Just Eat and Uber Eats

Everything else is fairly rare. If I want the news I’ll just go to the website

Just the DiS Premium app


4- Tidal, Google Maps, YouTube, Dragon Taxis


All of 'em.

Things I use because they’re the easiest way of performing the basic functions of my phone: WhatsApp, Gmail, Chrome, Maps, QR Code Reader

Things I use because they make things I’d be doing otherwise much easier: Strong, Runkeeper, Sleeper, Bandcamp, Spotify

Things I probably wouldn’t do without the app: Duolingo, Too Good To Go, Nectar

Things that can be done without the app but the people who make the app have made them so hard to do that using the app is the path of least resistance: NatWest, Santander (Spotify and the Google ones could probably go here too)

Really don’t like apps in general and will often go to significant inconvenience rather than installing a new one.

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Just bought a printer and that forced me to download an app to set up the printer

Did it work? Obviously not

Hoping that if I stick the ink and paper in that it will let me print anyway, as my bluetooth found the printer no problem

Generally prefer using an app to the web/browser version of something on my phone, as long as it’s something I’m going to use frequently.

Like I won’t install an e-commerce app from a shop I’m only planning to make a single purchase from. But ones I plan to use regularly, from brands I like, the app is often much more user-friendly than a mobile website.

News apps are often much better than mobile sites too, and with fewer or at least less intrusive ads.

Obviously things like music streaming, video streaming, social media, etc. are best in app than browser.

General rule is if it’s something I’m using frequently, give me that app.

Is there a DiS/discourse app? :thinking: I have an app for some other forum software, for a few other forums I frequent. Much better than the mobile sites. However I have found the mobile site for DiS/discourse to be very, very good and the best forum software I’ve ever used in browser. So the app would have to be extra good if there is one.