What are some things that WERE actually better back in the day(and not just romanticized by nostalgia)?


Stole this thread idea from Reddit, soz

I’m gonna go with Discos


White dog poo


Threads on DiS


Breakfast cereals:

  • Full of sugar
  • Had toys
  • Often had tie-ins to things like The Crystal Maze on the box

You don’t get things like this nowadays:


Confectionary items


High streets


Curly Wirlys were bigger (or felt like they were as a child at least


I seriously believe that everything was better before the internet took off.


the crisps or the dancing?


popular cartoon The Simpsons


My eyesight


Wwf raw is war



Rap music


Joe Hart


cars used to look a lot cooler

definitely safer these days but they all look shit


Security at airports


Was reading a thing on bbc about the last blockbuster store.
Really much preferred the whole physically renting stuff. Was an amazing treat when a kid,renting megadrive games, loved the smell of the place. Was more selective over what I watched etc


those ‘virtual videos’ were all over my bedroom for years after. would keep finding them in the bottom of the wardrobe


Computer games