What are the items in your immediate vicinity that you'd be confident you could "chew up"


You know how a dog chews up a pillow and ruins or a pair of slippers or whatever.

What is there that’s near to you that you think you’d be able to chew up like a dog? (If you had to)

Happy Birthday Antpoc!

This is basically a thread about how strong your teeth are and/or how soft the items in your immediate vicinity are. Please respond to it.


Some bits of paper. Could no doubt chew the wires from my mouse and keyboard and ruin them. Don’t really want to though. My wallet maybe. Again, doesn’t seem like a great idea. Hope this helps.


The wrist rest part of my mouse mat.

Could probably start chewing through the various cables that are around, until I get to one with 230 volts running through it. Not really anything else soft that I can see on the desk.


Thanks Crispy.

I should really stress that I don’t want any of you to actually attempt to chew anything up, I was just wondering, that’s all.


Live electronic cables.




These, from the IKEA pencil upwards. Like The World’s Strongest Chewer


Advent calender
Mouse mat
Pile of paperwork
The cushiony bits on my headphones


Excellent! You must have very strong teeth and a powerful jaw!


NB - I’d like to point out that it wasn’t me that chewed the black pen previously


Yep. This is me


Really fancy chewing up my mouse mat now.


Go wild!


And lose mouse traction? Are you mad?


Do you want to know a secret?

I don’t even use a mousemat!


Some straws and ice, maybe a plant! Oh and a coaster


I’m willing to hazard you are in some kind of beachside cocktail bar in the Bahamas?


Bahamas/Glasgow same difference :slight_smile:


Good god.