What are the most Dad things ever?


My Dad came to visit me yesterday, which was great. Top bloke. However, as I don’t see him as often anymore, his Dad behaviour stands out a lot more.

What would you say are prime examples of Dad behaviour? Would be good to hear from actual Dads as well.

  • Standing in front of the ale pumps for about two minutes, rubbing their hands together, and saying ‘what have we got here?’
  • Smiling a bit too long at pretty young girls working in service jobs
  • Disappearing for a 20-minute shit with The Telegraph Business pages


Reading and referring to pretty young girls working in service by the name on their name badge




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having a kid/s


An interest and expertise in the best routes to use to get between two destinations, including extensive use of precise road names (M6, A34, B3393 etc)


also quite a mum thing that


and test tubey too


And getting out a giant road atlas from 1992 to do it, waving off any claims that the roads might have changed since then.


Very carefully reading Which reviews of household appliances they have no plans to buy.


sharp intake of breath at price of absolutely anything


Having a biscuit tin in the kitchen filled with miscellaneous screws, washers and free biros, and the odd plastic bit no-body knows the source or purpose of.


Hmm my Dads not a very Dad dad… dad.

At the last wedding I went to he did rather loudly talk about how both my cousins (one was the groom) had gotten quite fat. He kept on commenting on this, no matter how many times I told him to shoosh.

Not sure that’s a vey Dad thing tho… just a rude thing :smile:

I asked my Mum later whether she thought Dad might think I’m also a bit fat at the moment and she just said alarmingly loudly “your dad thinks you are beautiful!!!” … okay… that’s a yes then :roll_eyes:


Or having coffee jar after coffee jar in the shed with screws, nails and rawlplugs in, “just in case - you never know when they might come in handy.”


This was a good and fun thread.

Not a huge Vice guy but this paragraph from a recent thing was great re Dads:



Telling jokes like Theo.


Undoing the top button of their jeans after sunday roast


Kicking the tyres on a new car.


Keeping said biscuit tin full of this sort of thing for about 15 years and then throwing some contents of it away before needing exactly that thing a fortnight later


Keeping a kitchen drawer full of miscellaneous rubbish like dead batteries and old smoke alarms, which refuses to close properly and, he insists, is totally essential.