What are the rules?



Are there any these days?

Some guy walked past my window with a ponytail, can’t have been any older than 20.

Does anything go, these days? Or are there still some things that are beyond the pale.


are you asking us if it’s alright for you to get a pony tail?


There’s a guy who works here who wears a suit and an Axl Rose-style bandana. I think we’re long past rules applying.


After seeing that bloke clipping his fingernails onto the floor of an overground train I’d say we’re living in a post-rules civilisation.



When you say uti, do you mean urinary tract infrections?


this has just reminded me how unfunny Always Sunny is in the new season.

Thanks mate.


right hand down


Up the Imps!



sounds like it’s time to throw the rulebook out of the window

next time he walks past so it hits him in the head am i right



my sister’s boyfriend has one of those and likes the red hot chilli peppers but he’s ok