What are the toilets like in your workplace

  • Gender separated
  • Gender neutral with shared handwashing
  • Gender neutral with private handwashing

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  • Cubicle doors flush with floor
  • Cubicle doors have a gap at the floor

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They’re just gender neutral but separate rooms - one toilet/sink etc per room. Not a massive office, see.

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Disclaimer: this is not a thread about gendered toilet access. Women and men, cis- or transgender, and non-binary people should all be respected as the gender they identify as and can use whatever toilet they damm well please :transgender_flag:

we have at least two of those options.

Just have three individual toilets in different parts of the site in their own little rooms. No cubicles or anything.

One of our places has a single room with one trap for men, one for women and a shared sink. So that’s kind of a mix of everything, I guess.

As of today the WiFi reaches the toilets so my daytime dissing will increase by a small amount


I miss from our old office the 11th floor toilet which was a spacious affair with a shower cubicle and a commanding view over a beloved London roundabout.

gender separated. quite clean.

This dating profile needs some work.


Ground floor gender neutral, two bathrooms with multiple cubicles, no urinals.

Floors 1 - 4 the same setup but gendered for no reason. No idea why they haven’t neutralised the lot. Cynically I expect it’s because we host visitors on the ground floor and a lot of our published values are around inclusivity and diversity.

Our male bathroom has two cubicles (one for disabled), and two urinals. There’s also a loud screeching noise going constantly from the pipes.

We’ve got these weird new airtight eco loos that are basically like fancier aeroplane toilets

Both are shared. Upstairs one has pink hair dye splashes near the mirror.


Separated - two for women the other one is for men, women when their cubicles are both taken and visitors as we only have the one male employee.

WFH so doors always open anyone welcome no matter who or what you are!

Depends on the building but mostly gender neutral with a sink in the cubicle. Hygiene standards prerry high.

I’ll be there around half eight tomorrow morning

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They’ve got rid of paper towels in the toilets where I work, because apparently they can’t be recycled, and are exclusively dyson airblades for drying your hands, which is great until you want some paper towel because you’ve spilled a drink on your desk