What are the toilets like in your workplace

yes!!! Got some pretty soft toilet paper in at the moment which is good.

a puppy may try and lick your thighs also but im sure you’re fine with that


just don’t spill your drink then.

god im on fire today

Always thought it was a bit weird and backwards that it’s all paper towels in ours but they are so much better than dryers. Actually get to dry your hands!

Permanent WFH now, there has been plenty of toilet chat over the years and I do not miss the following

  • Thickness of the toilet paper was often discussed and led to samples being compared…
  • There was someone from another office who would often take calls on speakerphone whilst in the cubicle
  • Every so often would see signs of personal grooming being done in the cubicle
  • If you spent 10 minutes hiding in the cubicle to avoid work then the lights would go out
  • Toilet tourism to the floors above became a thing due to people who would continue conversations whether urinal or cubicle
  • There was a serial offender who’d block a toilet at least once a week, this went on for over 5 years.
  • There was a shockingly high amount of people who did not wash their hands

Also - free period products which is cool.

I used to do this at my old job. Far end of the building, top floor. Was at least a 5 minute walk each way. posher, more comfy and cleaner because they were next to the main offices (especially on nights when there’d only be a couple of IT folk up there).

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Gender separated, with one gender neutral toilet on every other floor

This reminds me of somewhere I worked where one of my colleagues was so affronted by the quality of the bog roll, they’d bring their own in.

Made it quite obvious when he going for a shit

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The school i work at is an old fancy house conversion so the toilets for staff are just single rooms with their own sink, which i really prefer. Can’t be doing my business with sarah from the office in the next cubicle

I would wager my workplace has the worst toilets out of any of yous.

They are ex-pupil toilets. Urinals at below knee height. Stinking. Freezing. Tiny sinks where only half the taps work. Stocked with paper towel grade toilet paper. Covered in decades old graffiti. No hand dryers. Have to enter a code to get inside. Just a thoroughly depressing toilet experience all round.

Use them once in a blue moon.

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