What are these Lego Saino's cards all about? Has this been done?

I’ve got a dinosaur shiny, am I now a penoid?

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I think they’ve mistaken you for an actual child, mate.



Not very informative, that card.

You can’t have my dinosaur shiny mate.

Listen, I’ve held off saying this for a long time but it is so painfully obvious that it’s Sainsbo’s (shortened to Bo’s)

“Saino’s” doesn’t even begin to sound right and how are you gonna shorten that shit? “Just off to No’s for some milk, need owt?” you’d sound like a literal lunatic.


That was just Balonz testing how successfully he could flute us all into the water. Easily, was the answer.

Never heard this phrase before, what is the etymology?

Correct. Anyone saying sainos to me irl is getting a jab



The glottal stop is a bit much in Sainsbo’s but I’ll tell you this Ant, I prefer Saino’s but I do say Bo’s quite a lot. I hope we can continue to be civil in such a trying time.

You’re correct, but I think Sainsers is also acceptable.

(Also, I’ve been calling it Sainsbo’s/Bo’s for as long as I’ve been able to talk mate)

(Anyone making a gag about “not that long then” or something like that is a proper dweeb)


Old man Ruffers doing the Pied Piper story in six words, that is.

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Absolutely 100% correct again, Anty Pocs.

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Sounds like you need to be truer to yourself, friend.

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I think there was something we agreed on yesterday perhaps? Anyway. Yes.

Thanks, friend. I love the idea that I’ve been correct about two whole things in two days but it doesn’t sound right…

Not sure what J. Sainsbury’s is up to, if I’m honest, but I quite like the look of it. Would buy one for my daughter if she had more than a passing interest in pretty much any one thing.