What are these Lego Saino's cards all about? Has this been done?

And hopefully it’s the controversial combined MMR one!

I found them in my bag of shopping Theo. I thought the checkout chap was asking if I wanted computers for schools vouchers (who I altruistically give to my teacher pal) but it turned out they were these Lego freebies.

It’s good they sell those £5 lego boxes there now. Great way to buy a cheapish but not worthless tat present for the little one in an emergency.

Nonsense. Sainos or Sainsbags.
My manager says Sainsos, which is full-on wrong’un territory.

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when did you start thunderbirding your own posts?

not really on, is it

bury’s a goth

shortened to goths

Want anything from goths mate?

Not very shiny that card.

That’s a fair point. Sorry everyone. It won’t happen again.

Fully egalitarian card game, m8. No shinies for anyone.

you get a pack of 4 (I think) for every £10 you spend, always has a shiny card so that’s quite fun. I did my weekly shop there the other day, spent £70ish and only got six packs, was mildly annoyed.

If I go to sainsbo’s and they give me cards then I’ll take them, not going to go out of my way or spend actual money on them. which is weird as I spend money separately on lego and cards, but the crossover doesn’t work on me.

So they’ve gamified grocery shopping, essentially​.

I suppose this was inevitable.

Sad Clown has been my favourite card so far.

On related supermarket musings I’ve noticed Tezzas have a campaign that if you’re with a kid they’ll give it free fruit to eat while you shop.
Sounded like a nice idea, but then I wondered if this is so they can lower their rates of wastage. Are they using our children as a bin?


If it’s a bid to stop shitehawks who weren’t raised correctly from handing an empty packet of Wotsits to the poor cashier, then personally I’m all for it.




I saw these advertised at a bus stop and was thinking about them all the way to work. I want them but I don’t know why.