What are ya having on yer hot dog?

Ketchup, mustard, onions. All of those 3 and only those 3.

It’s all the fault of the wife of the founder of Taco Bell. It’s complicated.

I’d have all of them, but probably not as a big combo…

The annual hot dog I get from Ikea is enough to keep me away from hot dogs for the rest of the year

  • kimchi AND / OR
  • wasabi-mayo

prefer a (gourmet) ‘haute dog’ to a hot dog, myself. Won’t argue with anyway who thinks that’s ridiculous, pretentious or otherwise unacceptable though.


beautiful poem from a surprising source

I had hot dogs directly because of this thread btw. Just ketchup FYI.

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I’ve also had hot dogs

Onions , chili, squeezy mustard , a slice of pickle and grated cheddar


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would regularly get the chilli dog at my old work’s canteen but request the chilli on the side so I could just eat it neat.

Do you mean me or Ikea hot dogs?

People who choose American mustard when any other mustard is available want putting down

Bit harsh

It has its place

And that place is on a hot dog

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If actual mustard isn’t available

My vote is for that American mustard rubbish


Fuck it, poll time

  • Yank shit
  • English
  • Dijon
  • German
  • Wholegrain(?)
  • None

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I fully accept that the american stuff is muck but some of those others are even more muck

Wholegrain has no place on a hot dog. Got a lot of time for senf though

Hear about the guy who murdered a German mustard salesman after failing to Rob him?

It was a senfless tragedy