What are you a member of?


I want everything, no matter how boring.

What are you a member of? GO.


•The local swimming pool
•The local boxing gym
•The Royal Academy of Art
•The Antiquarian Book Assoc. Online Oversight Committee (calm down ladies, I’m taken)
•The EU for a few more months
•The RAC
•English Heritage for two more months

Hmm. Erm.

That’s it I think.




Penge Cycling Club
Audax UK
Strava Premium
The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals


The Stonecutters


I’ve said too much




Labour Party
Unite the Union
Campaign for Real Ale
The Loyal Order of Rock’n’Roll Freaks





Showroom cinema
Byron house fc
ICS allstars fc
Sharrow Vale fc
Strava premium
Russell’s bike shed
Umlaut_ampersand appreciation society (president and treasurer)





(think that might be it)



The A Team.



Association For Project Management
CFA Institute
Association Of Chartered Certified Accountants
Picturehouse Cinemas
English Heritage
National Union Of Students
Labour Party


LME, obviously


this is really comprehensive thank you. how is u_a?


I’m a member of the greatest club of all… the human race


actually it’s probably the worst club isn’t it


that’s actually the 8th greatest club after ‘Sussex bowls’

Homer: Oh Marge, kids, I miss my club.
Marge: Oh, Homey.  You know, you _are_ a member of a very exclusive
Homer: Black panthers?
Marge: No, the family Simpson, which has just five members -- and
       only two of those members have special rings.
Bart + Lisa: Yeah!
        [they blow on their whistle rings]
Marge: I meant our wedding rings!