What are you angry about today?

I’m angry about this.

First of all, SMOKED WATER???
Secondly, don’t give me that (optional) bullshit. Either I need it or I don’t. If its optional, it’s staying out.


Obligatory guitar solo/power chord intro


Bit patent twat technical, this, but my colleague has sent me instructions for a deadline of TODAY, but instead of being a response to the thing that’s due today he’s done instructions for something that was due in July and that we’ve already done.

Guy’s a complete muppet.

That my mum has done stewed apples but no crumble topping and suggested I could add granola. Outrageous

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That slag in Las Vegas. 50 people dead ffs :frowning_face:

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i had a burger yesterday and you could add extras

cheese: £0.00 bacon: £0.00

so obviously i did. wasn’t angry about it. probably the opposite of angry.

Obviously easier for people who want a plain ass burger innit

what recipe is this for?

I have some stuff called liquid smoke, which I assume is the same stuff? Not actually used it yet, but it;s for a brisket recipe. I just left it out the last time I made it

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i care not for the why of it

my cat’s poor bladder/ bowel control

oh yeah, actually. have used liquid smoke in a bunch of stuff. it’s really tasty (and strong)

I want to be in bed.

yeah, I tried a little bit after I found it. doesn’t really work by itslef

Can’t remember now. I shut the page in a fit of rage.

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just smoke a fag while you’re cooking


ner ner nerrr ner ner neh nerrrrrrr

I’m extremely worried about a few people and I feel completely helpless and frustrated, I don’t know what I can do to help them. I really wish I could switch off because me worrying about it isn’t going to help anyone. Today in particular I’m feeling really fucking angry about it.

Teenage oiks cycling down busy roads either whilst pulling wheelies or without using their hands on the handlebars.

Because you’ll never be as cool as them?

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Not angry as such but a bit annoyed that the Politics bar thread has 1208 unread posts in there since I last looked in

I think those massively long umbrella threads are the enemy of GOOD CHAT on this site

…and I really miss the clarity of the old sub-thread nesting (when it worked)

Gripe gripe gripe