What are you buying from amazon TODAY?


So I guess its nearly most peoples pay day and for one day only Amazon are offering 10 pounds off £50 if its something they sell themselves

I added a load of vinyl to my basket then thought fuck it and deleted them all

Anyone else?

Enjoy £10 off any qualifying order of £50 or more with promo code BIGTHANKS

This offer ends on 25 January, 2018. One per customer. The offer applies to items dispatched from and sold by Amazon only. It does not apply to items sold by third-party sellers, including items Fulfilled by Amazon. More details below.


I don’t get paid today


Was going to buy Zelda, then it turned out it’s only 47.99, not £50.


I’m not even on #AmazonBook m17


I guess its nearly most peoples pay day


I added loads of shit to my basket and I couldn’t use the code?

My housemate started using amazon fresh A LOT. Got a knock on the door at 5:30AM cause she’d ordered some cereal bars. WHYYYYYYYYYYY


I don’t get paid today, and £10 off £50 isn’t enough to justify spending £40+.


I got paid last Friday.


£2.01 add on item and you’re gravy

#bisto #granules # meat #vege #lovebrownpowder


then spend away my good friend - spend away


I got paid last Tuesday


I will pass this on to my team

oh hang on


im just sharing an offer and am not affiliated with amazon


I have not been paid yet


then spend away my good friend - spend away


Bisto is only £1.25 though :frowning:




they are essentially free in a consumerist nightmare kinda way


As much as I like gravy, I couldn’t justify 2. the second would go off before I open it.


I thought about buying a download code for Skyrim but it’s 1p short of being £50 and also I spent £56 on trains yesterday so I probably won’t.


I got paid today but there’s nothing on my wish list that a £10 discount is the difference between buying it and not.