What are you craving but can't have?


Just been filling in my work expenses which reminded me of the salt answer pepper I get from the Chinese I go to a particular place. My mouth is properly watering but I can’t have it again for 3 weeks.

What are you really craving right now but cant have?


Haggis toasties. Should never have left north london :sleepy:




Beer. Feel like i have to knock it on the head til this cold fucks off, makes me feel dreadful.


After that gargantuan bowl of spaghetti, I’m craving emptiness.

I am so full :flushed:



even though I wouldn’t actually enjoy it and I confuse cigarette cravings with anxiety anyway


Anything salty.



love and fulfilment


Cold weather.

Melbourne is experiencing a fucking heatwave and its 35 C out there or something with zero breeze. Just stepped outside and it’s roasting and it’s 10.23 pm.


Australia’s hot eh, gee whiz.


Yeah, my cousin is sending me Snapchats from Sydney and it’s gone above 36°C there now. Properly unbearable.


Yeah but they’re family so you’ve got to put up with them.







I’m so jealous!


Morrison’s own bombay mix, havent made it for years


What you doing in Australia, Theo?

I haven’t been on here much lately.

Holiday or perma-move?


Would quite like a cold coke out a glass bottle with a slice of lemon but I gave it up years ago. Irn bru would be good too.


You’re crazy! :grin: