What are you currently coveting?

What do you really really want at the moment? What are you looking at through slightly envious eyes?

(It’s Thursday, feel free to make this the Filth Thread)

Just want my mum to be ok and nothing scary to come back from her blood tests :slight_smile:


Think I’m gonna order it tomorrow…



fuck me is that what Lego costs?!

It’s daft eh.

The big Lego Star Wars sets that I’d love are like £800, it’s fucking stupid

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My neighbour’s ass


I’d love to build lego but yeah I dunno, I hope you get to build it smash it up and build it again a few times to get your money’s worth

I’ll probably buy it, build it, get it out of my system and then sell it.

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Had a huge tub of lego as a kid, never any actual kits but it was rad to just make a big sword and hit my older brother with it!

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Also a santoku kitchen knife.

A hug
A cup of tea with my mam
A bigger television
McDonald’s breakfast


I bought some fancy speakers… which I now regret as something more portable would have been better.

Otherwise a pint outdoors. Nowt else really. Maybe some smaller, more portable, speakers then my overears for shopping and stuff.

Plywood doors and a wooden floor



A tap spanner so I can tighten up my kitchen tap without a plumber, the last two have turned up broken/the wrong size.

If only I knew my life would get this exciting…

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Ooh I could go a mcdonalds milkshake

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I would like this also.

one of those chopping boards that you fold it to put stuff in the bin easier
can’t be as good as they seem though, can they?