What are you doing tonight gang?


i’m going bouldering, then going to work on my 3d skills when i get home, and bust out some press ups, and have some veg chilli - might pick up some petrol and a beer as well


Not staying late at work for the first time this week, gonna go for a quick run and then watch Northampton Town vs Manchester United in the EFL Cup.




Alright budgie! Think I’m going to apply for an internal job at my place of work. Gonna do all the boring admin-y part of the application tonight.


gonna make a chorizo stew of some sort and have some wine i think


Staying in, watching telly

Change my sheets


Can I just shock you? I like wine


Going to lift some weights, hopefully play some Netrunner, and if I don’t get a sensible meal soon, eat all of the food because I’m starving.


I will be fasting ready for my blood and poo tests tomorrow morning.


i am not shocked

you’re a good person fopps, and good people like wine




He didn’t as what AREN’T you doing ffs!

All the best for the tests mate


this is the best thing i’ve heard all day, possibly all week


Still gunna be here for a while I think. Football at 8:30


Just gonna chill for a bit, make dinner and then watch footy


that sounds lovely, what time should i head round?




seven pee em


i… what?

(thank you)


Going round to the in-laws house to borrow the clippers to attempt to do my own hair (under close supervision, of course).

Probably be some sort of takeaway for tea. Chinese maybe? I’m quite fancying something from the chippy, but that’s the ultimate ‘Food you immediately regret eating’.