What are you getting


fussier about?

Because everyone gets fussier about stuff, literally nobody is “well, I used to be very specific about my coffee, but now I’ll drink any old shit!!”

For me, it’s the toilets I’m willing to use. Anyone in a stall next to it – No, Only a middle urinal between two people – No, smells – No, Floor wet – No, toilet looks unclean – No, Bad vibes – No.*

Just hold it in doing immense damage to my bladder and colon.

Just more discerning and choosy, basically classier.

*Don’t know why I’ve made so many threads about toilets on here, I’m going through something


Running kit, furniture, food we get on the weekly shop (in particular, fruit juices).


The pubs I go to.

Too loud? No thanks
Full of city boys? Nope
Has a history of serving only flat lager? Get outta town


What I eat and how much I drink


several pairs of boxers a day?


basically exactly this except ‘gym kit’

i’m becoming marckee




Good to hear that you are realising your ambitions.


Probably technology? Oh, you have an Alexa and a Fitbit. Cool, please stay politely away from me. Have zilch tolerance for that malarkey
Best of luck to your bladder and colon!


Dreams CAN come true


OH. Friends/people I spend time talking to/hanging out with/taking an interest in. I have as i’ve gotten older quietly stepped away from quite a lot of people.


people I spend time with.
it’s a real fucker cos as you get older, and especially if you move to a string of new cities and have kids as you go, you have much less time and opportunity to hang out with people socially. So really I should be getting less picky just to avoid being bored but nope.


:wave: @xylo


do you know what I think this sums up exactly how I feel about coffee


YES! we’re all just becoming one giant intolerant person!


doesn’t 100% agree with xylo’s statement

decides not to reply




Can’t imagine the discerning consumers of drowned in sound being choosy about anything


Reckon we get much agency in this?


:smiley: as in you’d rather i DID step away from you?