What are you getting

fussier about?

Because everyone gets fussier about stuff, literally nobody is “well, I used to be very specific about my coffee, but now I’ll drink any old shit!!”

For me, it’s the toilets I’m willing to use. Anyone in a stall next to it – No, Only a middle urinal between two people – No, smells – No, Floor wet – No, toilet looks unclean – No, Bad vibes – No.*

Just hold it in doing immense damage to my bladder and colon.

Just more discerning and choosy, basically classier.

*Don’t know why I’ve made so many threads about toilets on here, I’m going through something

Running kit, furniture, food we get on the weekly shop (in particular, fruit juices).

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The pubs I go to.

Too loud? No thanks
Full of city boys? Nope
Has a history of serving only flat lager? Get outta town


What I eat and how much I drink

several pairs of boxers a day?

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Good to hear that you are realising your ambitions.

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people I spend time with.
it’s a real fucker cos as you get older, and especially if you move to a string of new cities and have kids as you go, you have much less time and opportunity to hang out with people socially. So really I should be getting less picky just to avoid being bored but nope.

:wave: @xylo

do you know what I think this sums up exactly how I feel about coffee

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doesn’t 100% agree with xylo’s statement

decides not to reply

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Can’t imagine the discerning consumers of drowned in sound being choosy about anything


Reckon we get much agency in this?

:smiley: Nah I just mean we’re thrown together by circumstance and convince ourselves of deeper meaning through shared experience but it’s all arbitrary when people come/go from our lives but that’s maybe too grey a thought for half 10 on a Wednesday

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Pubs. So many I don’t go to anymore. TV and her friends love Wetherspoons here and I’m severely resistant to it, much to her chagrin.

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Wish I could hate wetherspoons more than I do. I hate the IDEA of wetherspoons but the ones round here often have interesting beers and they’re reasonably priced. Great place to eat out too if you’ve got a vegetarian daughter with some severe allergies too as they are really good at knowing what’s in everything and having plenty of choice.

The beeves I get involved with. Most of them aren’t worth it, need to save my energy for the battles that matter