What are you going to have for breakfast on Thursday?

Thursday 17th February 2022

What are you having for your breakfast? Make a plan in here and then your community colleagues will hold you to account on executing your plan.

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Nothing. Same as every day. Sorry m9

Porridge, banana + honey


I will now hold you to account to ensure you don’t have breakfast on Thursday

Poached eggs on toast, ideally

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Genuinely nervous I might fuck this up now

Two (2) slices of Warburtons farmhouse white bread, toasted, with Clover and Marmite.

Lets make sure you do, sweetie!

On a Thursday? This is definitely one where you will most need to be held to account I think

4 slices of toast, 2 buttered, 2 with peanut butter

I don’t consume breakfast

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Anyone else is allowed to hold you to account btw, not just me.

I have it most days.

You’re a wild hedonist who lives life to the fullest

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This is turgid threadwork, sorry everyone.

Honey nut loops
Might even have some marmalade on toast

Peany b on toast

No “might” in this thread please. We’re looking for definitism.

Porridge made with oat milk and a teaspoon of crunchy Biscoff spread stirred in. Cup of tea.

Edit: Have to go to work on Thursday, so could just be a coffee and a pain au raisin from Pret or 200 Degrees.

Definitely the top two then