What are you having/did you have for lunch?


chargrilled peppers, couscous, couple of boiled eggs, few walnuts, 10 cherry tomatoes.

mixed bag



Left of vegetarian pasta and meatballs, looking forward to it. Although someone has booked a meeting for 2pm which is when I usually have lunch so I might have to get out of it somehow.


I had a really big breakfast and i’m still kinda hungover and havent acheived anything today so i dont know… a coffee


Same as days Tuesday to Thursday this week.

To start - Salt and Vinegar kettle chips

Main - Chorizo and cream cheese bagel

Something sweet - Couple of chocolate digestives with a mocha


Teriyaki chicken thing from abokado (fucking love that place, bring it to the fens, please)

Huge mistake. Got an exam in an hour and now I need a nap.


Cheese and Bacon cob


Onglet steak sandwich with bernaise sauce and chips.

Love a Friday.


2x rolls (ham, cheese, branston pickle)
Gala Apple
Walkers Salt n Vinegar
Can of Fanta

talk to you soon


tesco meal deal wraps



as per What do you fancy today?


just goes to show with hard work and perseverance good things can happen


leftover sausage pasta
a pear

to eat:
banana soreen


Had left over Sunday roast.