What are you having for dinner tonight?



I can’t decide
the heat is making me say nothing hot
the heat is also making me say i can’t be arsed


Takeaway at work, unsure of options yet. Will keep you all posted.


leftover chilli


The heat is making me say let’s go

Oh whoa


Chicken stir fry


I don’t know yet.


Salade liégeoise, but without the bacon.


Fattoush, halloumi, falafel, hummus… proper eastern shit. Might go a beer too. Cheeky.


Probably a carnitas burrito from the Benito’s Hat in King’s Cross, after my volunteering (which is very important to me).


bird likes this


don’t really understand this way of thinking


Going to get drunk instead, either on my own or on a date


Why not?

it’s hot
i dont want to heat myself from the inside as i’m already hot from the outside


It’s chicken breast fillet, sweet potato wedges, and a fuckload of greens in a lemon drizzle.


Sounded good until the last few words…

Lemon drizzle goes on cakes, not veg.


disagree - bit of lemon on a dull broccoli = not such a dull broccoli


This is what i was going to try. http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/vegetables-recipes/simple-lemony-spring-greens/


going out for beer with mates - could be anything !! #lads


leftovers from yesterday. marrow stuffed with sausage meat, leeks and rosemary, with some mashed potato (with the middle of the marrow mashed in it too)*.

tip: if you ever do this with your mash do NOT add milk, the marrow turns to liquid anyway and you’ll end up over liquifying your mash

*mash soup


Have a great night!