What are you having for Sunday Dinner?

Hi friends, I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend so far.
Are you going to make it extra special with a delicious feast today?

We haven’t yet decided what we’re going to have. Trying to clear freezer space atm.
Made a banging meal for my little sister yesterday. Jamie Oliver 30 minute meals mustard chicken and dauphinause potatoes (although followed the recipe for the ingredients, I cooked them differently, in the oven for an hour and a half).

So not sure about today.
Had banoffee pie for breakfast.

Will that be the last slice of banoffee pie I eat today?

  • Yes of course, pie is to be enjoyed as a part of a balanced diet.
  • Obviously not :banana::pie:

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I’m cooking sausages in onion gravy, with mash potatoes and home-made Yorkshire puddings. And peas.


Egg fried brown rice with grilled chicken, peas, green onion, and braggs aminos.

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Sounds healthy and tasty. Nice.

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Perfect with peas.

Sunday, so naturally we’ll be having garlic & chilli chicken, chips and peas. Just another 3.5 hours of work to go first. Right now I’m eating a turkey and smoked cheddar sandwich, pork pies and some crisps.

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I’m in Bordeaux!

So something with wine no doubt. It really doesn’t matter what.


Congratulations! :tada:
Report back with pics plz.

Jackfruit chilli

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I’ll be having a vegetarian chilli later, I think

Which is a nice treat prefacing the fact that I’ve already set my alarm for half-five tomorrow morning :cry:

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I have no idea, but really fancy Chinese

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Wonder why that could be :thinking:

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Purely because I haven’t had a Chinese in about 4yrs, at least

But probably going to make pasta primavera

I’m not remotely jealous about this

I’ve got all the ingredients for beef tacos yayyyy! :taco:

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Always find Chinese take away a bit disappointing tbh. Not enough flavour in the chow mein. Always end up adding some extra garlic and soy to the leftovers.

Pics plz.
You’re well into your pasta P atm.

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Don’t really think you are, just wanted to use this

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Some left over ‘bang bang’ chicken salad for lunch and then for dinner it’ll be some smoked basa fish with wedges, spring greens and a satay/chilli jam concoction sauce

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We’ve got a metric tonne of leftover burger rolls and no remaining freezer space, so I had burger buns with jam on them. They were nice but I feel about six years old.

This evening, I’m roasting or grilling cauliflower with some spices and trying to convince Wor Lass she’s having cauli burgers.