What are you having for tea?


yep, that’s right…TEA.

got some beautiful fish in, loads of assorted veg, but I think I’m going to have beans on toast with cheese.

really, really can’t be assed with anything today



The woman has bought some Slimming World sausages, so we’re having “healthy” sausage and mash.


Dunno yet man staying late in the office, will let you know when the takeaway options are emailed round.


Dinner tonight will be grilled peppers and courgette, with feta, spring onion and coriander couscous, served with a dollop of hummus, and a splash of rose harissa.


I’ve got some nice salmon which in gonna have with loads of chargrilled veg.
Been going mental with my new griddle pan of late, it weighs a fucking tonne.


just a boring stir fry thing, haven’t fully stocked the new cupboards yet


love a griddle pan me sen. love em

cunt to clean though. real cunt


How did the move go? Sounded like it would be a real pain in the arse, did it end up going smoothly?


Absolute cunt to clean, thinking I’m gonna have to buy some uber Brillo mean motherfucking scrubber for help


Think you’re supposed to just wipe them down and oil them regularly aren’t you?


Got a free salmon pie from work. Probs that w/ salad. Cheers.


If only it were that easy


yes. defo not a brillo pad job @Lo-Pan !


I find cleaning them immediately with hot water and cloth is the best method. pain in the ass when you’re ready to eat though


can’t remember what I posted on here but basically it was a nightmare. my passport was stolen somewhere on the way back to get the cat, right before I was getting the eurostar. had to fork out £100 to get an emergency one, delay our ferry crossing by a day. travelled for 18 hours on friday, got in at 1am, had to be up before 6 to catch a train to liverpool. the sedatives didnt work on the cat and he meowed the whole way.

triggered a 2 day migraine / still suffering from it.


Yo Slikz, I always wash the pans before eating the dish that’s been prepared in them (soak at the very, very least).

This is frowned upon by my partner. Thoughts?


Almost certainly some form of pizza or pasta, with an outside chance of calamari fritti.


Oh man, that sounds awful :disappointed:

Had my own emergency passport disaster this year, wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Hope you’re recovery comes soon.



Zing Zing - Chinese
Clockjack City- Chicken by the looks of things
Kenza - Lebanese and Moroccan
La Cucina - Pizza/Pasta

What do you reckon?


Venison and celeriac gratin :ok_hand: