What are you having? Plus banal

Got this flier through the door just now. Any 4 dishes for £10.

What are you having and why?


I’ll have:

  1. Shredded chicken in honey and chilli sauce
  2. mushrooms
  3. prawn toast
  4. chicken satay

I’ll use a microwave bag of egg fried rice from the cupboard thanks


what, no tofu?!

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Salt & Pepper Spare Ribs
Hot & Sour Soup
I can’t see duck pancakes? But duck pancakes

Fuck me I’m hungry now, my friend has requested that I make scrambled eggs for dinner because my egg making is so god damn good even though who eats eggs for dinner? me I guess


Mixed Veg Black Bean Sauce
Boiled rice
Curry Sauce

Beef with oyster sauce, chicken with honey and chilli, salt and chilli chips, onion rings.

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But like @AQOS , I’d swap all that for duck pancakes

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Sorry picky people don’t get to take part.

You can have something from the veggie menu but not for £10 sorry


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Take the time to write it out please, none of us have the inclination to cross reference


Shredded chicken with honey chilli
Spring rolls
Mix veg with cashew nuts
Salt and pepper spare ribs

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Duck pancakes are not part of this offer

Seriously, what’s wrong with you all can’t you read the rules of the game? :roll_eyes:

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well not with that attitude. good day to you, madam.

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A decent Chinese will know what you’re having just from the menu numbers, partly because a fair proportion of the staff won’t even have English as a first language. What kind of establishment is this?

Oh, one where you get four items for a tenner? As you were.

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I don’t make the rules, Friendlies Chinese makes the rules :woman_shrugging:

Hot & Sour Soup (or Mix Veg if it’s not veggie)
Mixed Veg w/ Black Bean Sauce
Large Curry Sauce

Cheers :blush:

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would probably microwave a packet of rice to go with it too

Banal: Getting adverts for tractor parts.

How come?

I can’t handle the pressure and will have to pick the first four items pon the menu