What are you in the mood for?


Quite fancy playing resident evil 2 rn :thinking:




might get a non sexy sorry eric massage soon


polite reminder that it isn’t yet thursday!!


I’m in the mood for a productive week of working hard at my job


ffs tony


An ice cream. Big old whippy with a flake please


Holiday would be nice


Pizza the size of the moon


Pretty much anything that isn’t work.


Quite fancy a snog


A lie down and some extremely strong painkillers.




OH MY GOD, a massage. I am always in the mood for a massage and a manicure, maybe a facial too! Spa day please. All whilst guzzling some champagne and cake. Just make me feel amazing and look gorgeous and feed me cake and alcohol whilst you do it! GO.


Dancing, romancin’, giving it all tonight. :dancer: :kissing_closed_eyes: :trophy:


oh fuck yeah i’d take all that, just switch out the cake for more champagne


DiS spa day anyone? :smiley:


An afternoon off


Surely you meant


I’d like to watch someone fall over in a really embarrassing way that doesn’t inflict damage.