What are you incapable of?

Keeping it lighthearted, of course :blush:

  • I am incapable of doing the washing up without soaking my top and tummy with water
  • I stay dry! :sunglasses:

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Eating an ice cream cone

  • I will end up in some sort of mess
  • No cleanup of any sort necessary (I’m a massive liar)

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  • I am incapable of not doing kissy face/noises when I see a cat
  • I don’t like cats

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When someone says “Question”.

  • I am incapable of not saying / thinking “tell me what you think about me”.
  • I wonder what the person is going to ask.
  • No-one has ever said “question” to me.

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You missed out the ‘not’

Would like to say I like cats rather a lot, I just don’t make kissy noises at them

Will always try to get their attention though. Often give a little thumbs up to any cats I see in a window


Not incapable?

Incapable of not.

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  • I am incapable of watching a movie from start to finish without checking my phone/another tab
  • I am capable of the above

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Tell me not what you think about me

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Oh yeah! Corrected it now and invalidated the sixty votes it already had.


  • I am incapable of not finding double negatives difficult to misunderstand.
  • I am capable of finding double negatives easy to understand.
  • These both mean the same thing.

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“Where’s yours you furry bastard, oh that’s right, half way up your arm, you useless bellend.” :+1:

  • I am incapable of putting cheese in or on food without eating a handful
  • I am a liar

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this is a good thread!

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  • I am incapable of trying to avoid somebody on the pavement without misjudging which direction they will swerve and doing a little avoidance dance with them
  • I am capable of navigating this tricky situation

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Walking in a straight line

I like cats if they are in somebody’s house but find them pretty unremarkable out on the street, barely notice them

  • I am incapable of getting cash out of a cash machine without reflexively saying thank you
  • I can tell the difference between a person and a machine

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