What are YOU into at the minute


Would love to know, really like hearing people talk about stuff they like so pls share

In a time I’m where i need a lot of distraction I’m currently getting into reading webtoons, trashy crime novels again, kpop (as usual), pokemon showdown (more than usual) and depressing documentaries about slums and wars and that (watched that vice one about generals in CAR fighting not long ago, they had scary nicknames, the one interviewed was general butt naked who went about butt naked, and there was general mosquito (as mosquito borne diseases are scary in that country) which is alright, until i found out his rival was called general mosquito spray which did me). Also the webtoon im enjoying the most right now is drawn incredibly, look at the protagonists range of expressions


Its a story about a girl who looks totally different with and without makeup


Got European championships for Netrunner in a couple of weeks so currently trying to figure out what the best decks are, or rather, the best decks that I want to play for 12 straight hours without a break. I like this time better than the actual tournament because all your penoid pals put their heads together to figure stuff out and the collaboration is nice.

Other penoid activities are on the back burner until after Euros.

Playing a lot of Hollow Knight on Switch.

Reading a lot of sci-fi. Currently got Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson on the go. After that I’m going to properly go through my Android: Netrunner lore book thing because this Twitter thread reminded me how good that universe is:

Also trying to learn guitar but being hampered a bit by shit wrists/tendons making it slow to build up muscle memory. Compensating by buying a load of expensive gear to cover my deficiencies. Standard.


no. 5 there is great

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im quite into this kpop song which you may also like JB

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  • Being annoyed at Game of Thrones

been trying to cover bitch don’t kill my vibe with my loop pedal tonight. attempting to rap is great fun. can’t do the triplets bit.

also everyday this week I’ve been cycling to this field and sunbathing and reading a book about william blake and listening to drive by truckers.


Existential dread

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Lifting weights :face_vomiting:
Eating Milky Way Crispy Rolls :drooling_face:


Walking along the cliffs and by the beach
Slow cooking various meats
Sporcle football quizzes

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aviation. increasingly maybe for the past few years or so?

always had a bit of an interest in planes, despite the fact I hate flying, but it was limited to early aircraft and military aircraft during the world wars. its ramped up a lot since I started doing a job that has very irregular hours meaning I have more time to read. really interested in how planes work, and the improvements the industry has made to get where we are today, how they fucking fly, industry developments etc. raise an eyebrow at runway lengths too.

ffs, honestly never thought I’d be a norman, but here we are.


before you ask, I’m an airbus man.


Knew it

  • Old railway lines and their routes
  • Beer
  • Cooking
  • Studying photos of my daughter wondering where the past year has gone
  • Reading Wiki articles

all time favourite plane -


Almond crossoants. Trying to spell the word croissants properly
Spin classes
Expensive sports physiotherapy
The song Rosanna by Toto
Just trying to live my best life

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Lifting weights
Solange’s latest album
The Roasting Tin (the non-green one)
Playing Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild for the second time through
Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown
Figuring out how to progress in my career


trying to play bossa nova songs on guitar

  • Lucifer
  • Face masks
  • dis
  • cheese and chive dip
  • Eurovision

Ooh yes was just thinking the other day now serious i am about face masks, i love them so much

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I follow lots of webcomic (webtoons) and read a lot, in general.
I don’t watch anything on account of no tv and no working computer, but once the computer gets fixed, I can watch cartoons and movies.
I love my math and logic puzzle books!
Pampering my cat.

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