What are you learning at the moment?


Not much, for me. Might have to work on that.


Time series analysis in R :nerd_face:


I am making an app using r/shiny


french; banjo; boxing.


I’m learning how to write macros in Excel and a bit of SQL. Should have probably done both years ago tbh.


Ah, a modern triathlete.


I read that as one activity and was intrigued


Not really learning anything other than how to cut and paste off stack overflow


there’s going to be some humblebragging in this thread

I’m learning nothing because it’s too late for me.


I’m going to spend Wednesday evening learning how to use air drying clay, I suppose, but that’s not really a long term thing.


Gonna be moving my wife’s childhood piano into our new house once it’s sorted so I’m looking forward to learning to play. Famously a piece of piss.


Italian and how CDJs work.


Employee of the month again: Stack Overflow




Self teaching myself Dilruba with youtube vids
And just fucking around on it making drones


I am learning to speak Swedish.


so did i. thought it was a fancy kind of wank.


Assumed it was the hipster version of chess-boxing


Reading October by China Mieville so I suppose I’m learning about the Russian revolution.