What are you learning at the moment?

apache spark

Absolutely nothing, and I feel dreadful about it.

SUBTHREAD: useful and interesting things to learn for the uninspired and time-poor modern person?

Nothing. I’m old now, I’m done learning stuff.

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Learning languages is always useful

There’s plenty to learn on Coursera too

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Thanks - Coursera looks very interesting. I also get access to Lynda.com through work and there’s all sorts of useful stuff there…

I quite fancy an “Introduction to Coding”-type course, but there are so many to choose from. Feels like a huge gap in my knowledge (assuming a decent grasp of Sinclair BASIC doesn’t cut it these days) which I need to fill.

I’d probably recommend codeacademy for introduction to coding type stuff, coursera probably do have some courses that cover an introduction to coding but I like the fact that codeacademy has you writing basic programs straight off the bat.

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I’ll check that out - I’ve heard of it before but never taken the plunge. Thanks!

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Japanese. Best thing about it, is I can singing ‘learning japanese’ to the tune of ‘turning japanese’


nothing, I think I knocked myself out with all that part time learning a few years ago, although I am now applying to some masters

I would like to get back into relearning French. Last year I was trying to do this through a combination of daily Duolingo lessons and listening to records by Jacques Dutronc & François Hardy etc. My understanding of the language improved however my confidence in speaking it didn’t.

You spoke French at the meet didn’t you?? You were excellent!!

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Haha thank you! Thinking back though, I’m fairly certain that was me parroting the only phrase in Spanish that I say convincingly…

My French is pretty mumbled :unamused:

I wanted to hear how @Unlucky’s Japanese was coming along!

Didn’t we all.

Are you adding anything to your skill set at the mo, Witches?

I’m learning to learn less :smiley:


No we did not. I’ll do a vocaroo when I’ve learnt more than the sounds of the characters. Though Ive missed 3 days in a row now despite my phone reminders.


Get that crafts room of yours sorted out! :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha, sigh… I know. I basically have. We just need a bigger flat!

oooooh. tell me more?