What are you learning at the moment?

Duolingo start sending the sadness little emails when you fall behind on their lessons, don’t they? :disappointed_relieved:

I’m supposed to be learning about how archimedes screw hydro works today but CBA


Unreasonable of them to expect you to be knowledgeable about such cutting edge technology tbf.

not sure I’m following this line of bating. who’s them?

Whoever’s put you to up to this.

bu are you saying it is unreasonable or are you lampooning me

or is the lampoon a comment on the cutting edge bit?

The “joke” is that the Archimedes Screw is over two millennia old.

It’s much better now that I’ve explained it.

ok I’m now on the archimedes screw wikipedia page, thanks for getting me going Epimer!

Uncannily like your mum here.

Where the fuck were you looking before that wasn’t Wikipedia?

literally nowhere

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m. fo,m

Ich lerne jetzt, mehre Arten österreichische Bauerntölpelakkzente zu verstehen.

Had a chat with the B&B landlord about the DUP coalition- he has a proper thick Arnie accent. (I’m in Arnie’s home region- they all sound like he does when speaking English)

I would like to do the big German exam, the TestDAF, but no way will this happen this year.

Lots of A-level math because I forgot how to divide fractions and messed up some basic trig. the other day helping this kid at this volunteer mentor thing I do, and it got me bemoaning how shite ive got at basic math.

:de: Hier drüben deutsche Redner! :de:


Zu viele Grammatikregeln, nicht genüg Wortnuancen.

Had to deal with some boys in my class making a rape joke last week. When they got marched to the office for a Stern Talking To, it turned out they were not trying to be horrific. They had seen the word “rape” used on internet comments, but not connected it with the German Vergewaltigung (which is rooted in the word for violence in a clear way). Instead from context they’d guessed the meaning was something like winning or beating someone at something, and were horrified and mortified at what the actual meaning of what they’d parroted was.

Pretty disturbing indicator of how a lot of the internet is. Rape Culture in action indeed.

And to be honest, I then thought of some of the things men had said on this site in the past. Parroting things to be edgy, with so little understanding or thought of the actual experience or consequences of those things it might have well have been in a foreign language.

Imagine trying to learn how to speak better English from sports commentary, Reddit and YouTube comments.