What are you like at asking for advice or help at work?

I have an issue with asking for help/advice if it’s one-to-one with someone, I feel like I’m placing a huge burden on them. And I’ll basically try to avoid it as much as I can to the detriment of myself in terms of time wasted. I need to do this right now but instead I’m writing this thread.

I have no issue with for example writing the same message in a channel that contains more than one person, as the burden is then shared and I’m not addressing someone specifically. If they can help then they’ll help without the pressure of being forced to.

I might just do the above actually right now in the Devs channel even though no one’s said anything in it since October for some reason.

Does anyone else have the same problem?

Quite good at it but a lot of my job is communication and project/resource management so by its nature it can’t be done in isolation. Have gotten into more trouble in the past by not asking for help or talking to other colleagues tbh.

Complete opposite for me, will just lay it out there on slack. I don’t own the place, not my business, if nothing gets done, I don’t care. I assume if someone wants it to happen, they’ll gimme a clue.


Yeah same, and yet here I am. I wonder if I once asked for help when I was younger and they rolled their eyes and sighed or something.

I’ve worked with the same dev team for about 8ish years, so am happy just asking them loads of stuff in the dev team chat when needed, and vice versa. Have no issue with them asking me stuff and probably find it more fun trying to problem solve their stuff than stare at the same project for months.
If new, I wouldn’t feel bad about it, got to build that symbiotic code sharing relationship some time!

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also sometimes post on a forum specific to the type of work I do. Have posted answers to people’s queries that are definitely correct, and then never even got a thank you. Obviously was absolutely seething about that and hope their computer explodes.

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I’m a designer who worked with the same dev team for years, and was also happy asking them to help with stuff. Although it did take time for me to be totally comfortable with it.

I find as long as you’re willing to reciprocate at some point, people are happy to help you. I think how you frame things can also help - come to people with a problem you can solve together, rather than a solution you already have and just want them to execute.

I think businesses are stuff full of people who don’t understand what developers do, and that they’re prickly and obstinate by default when that is rarely the case (in my experience).

IMO, vulnerability at work is one of the most impressive things someone can have. It’s infuriating when people don’t just ask for a hand and impressive when they do.


This. I (purposefully) pissed my pants in my probation meeting and it worked wonders


I think it’s because as soon as I receive a message from someone I panic a bit so I assume other people also panic and I feel bad about doing that to them

Might nick this for LinkedIn.

“What’s your best quality?”
“Probably vulnerability. Now let me explain…”


I don’t like contacting people I don’t know but am OK if I do know them. I absolutely love it when other people ask me stuff though, like please let me feel useful!