What are you listening to? (new thread for 2019)


here’s a new one of these threads, @DarwinBabe

I’m in a housey techno kind of mood right now. having a dig through the old Pitchfork techno column for gems like this.

what are you listening to right now?

(here’s a link to the old thread for posterity)


Been listening to ten rapid by mogwai, their best work


Getting myself in the mood to recover with a bit of Trent and friends



this, cuz i’m still messing about with the playlist i’m making for raffle


1:31-1:43 might be one of my fave bits of a song ever


Been on a Mark McGuire trip since the party thread on Saturday.


@ttf I was thinking I never got round to properly listening to Ten Rapid, even though I heard it was low-key their best one

@captainricebox I keep meaning to check out the recent NIN stuff, the EPs from recent years and that. on the list, anyway.

@profk oh man, this is nice. I can’t remember if I’ve listened to this before, but you can’t fuck with that groove, and it’s all warm and deep, ahhh.

@rich-t I was thinking about revisiting him, haven’t listened in years. maybe A Young Person’s Guide


into this stano guy


ah yeah, I remember the sample of… is that Geldof?

feels like when a tune is as gooey as this, the beat has to be really TUFF, and it is.

you listened to that ^ Recloose one in the OP?


can’t remember if I saw this guy on here or on Fb, but I’m gonna give him a whirl


Wave Pictures put out two albums last year. This is the first, all full of late night sad Jason Molina-esque vibes :heart::heart:


I really enjoyed Bad Witch, which they marketed as an album, even though it’s half the length of a normal NIN album and the same length as those eps before it, think it was ratyer inspired by Bowie’s Blackstar in some places.

The eps definitely had their moments too, although I’m one of those, Trent can keep releasing the same thing over and over and I’ll likely lap it up, types.


yeah it is geldof. was so jarring the first time I heard it.

listening to it now. really nice, so garage’y :smiley:


woah, this is ace

like, a spikey cousin to The Durutti Column at one point, but then more like Pyrolator, and just… all sorts going on, here, but it all feels really coherent.



all about that vocal, m9


yeah it’s really pretty


ooh okay. Molina is my guy, so I’ll have to give this a go.


also on a steely dan & associated projects fix

what a song


Yeah, was always my favourite for a varied listen. But The Instinct from Along The Way is colossal and I really like Living With Yourself. Haven’t listened to much of his newer stuff though.