What are you listening to? (new thread for 2019)


mainly Lizzo’s Juice


this sounds ridiculously Prince’y. <3


I love love love the last Songs Ohia (or first Magnolia Electric Co, whichever it’s considered to be) record, although I just find it so achingly sad to listen to now.

WPs did this once https://thesongsofjasonmolina.bandcamp.com/album/the-songs-of-jason-molina (never listened to it tho)


only listen to dbt now sorry

I watched the rain; it settled in. We disappeared for days again.
Most of us were staying in, lazy like the sky.



Handsomeboy Technique “Melodies” 2015

my first post was flagged as spam
:sob: in :jp:


I remembered that this song existed so have been listening to it a lot for calm, think it might be up your street @incandenza


must not fall asleep at desk


Kicking television. Reckon it might be my favourite live album other than stop making sense, y’know


Get a desk pillow to protect your neck


thank you for this wholesome content


You’re very, very welcome mate


it really seems like you’re promoting your own work, that’s why I flagged your post. be honest.


I can’t remember if I’ve listened to much of Sam Shalabi’s stuff. I’ll give this a go. :slight_smile:



I’m a Japanese music fan. Handsomeboy Technique is one of my fav. Please check out my soundcloud page https://soundcloud.com/amaotomemo. You will know that I’m not an artist but a fan.


someone else should turn this thread into a spotify playlist, always mean to check out everyones recs but youtube is not optimal

would do it myself but not a fan of sharing identifiable things like spotify name


I’ve just been listening to the Numero Group playlists recently, really cool playlists of stuff from 90s indie to old country. Perfect mix of the stuff you probably know and the more obscure


I’m sorry for annoying you.


Ah, it’s nothing to say sorry for. We just look out for spam on these parts of the forum


it’s okay :heart: I believe you