What are you listening to? (new thread for 2019)


Now I’m annoyed I wasted my john Cale joke on the music board that nobody reads


mad that it’s 100 years since that album came out, DB


Tbh I haven’t listened to much and I can’t remember what the rest of that album sounds like, but Kinder Surprise is such a beautiful and comforting song.


This track in particular’s been getting me through my coursework these past few days


Thank you for your kind words.


Thank you.


quite dizzying to look through those playlists and not have any familiar reference points. I’ll have to dive in at some point!


they’re just great to stick on around the house or on the bus, feels like they’re curated for their mood and ambience as much as their era/genre. I love the country playlist “You’re Not From Around Here” in particular and I wouldn’t say I’m a country guy at all.


immediately feeling this beat. nicely swung kick, ace handclaps.

the flowery arp is nice, too - really liking the timbre of the synth, hard to explain why? it feels luminous, like, umm… sunlight rippling through a cascade of transparent purple cylinders. yeah, that’ll do.


oh man, the main synth arp in this is so satisfying. like, fat but also lean. got that echoing out across the city post-sunset dubby feel.


can’t stop listening to this.


Bloody good innit


never listened to this before, stupidly. the beat is so lovely! like, that bassline is… cute? love it.


no idea why I didn’t listen to this when it came out. utterly wonderful.



Been listening to PWEI again for some reason


I thought the same! It’s mega uplifting


Can’t stop listening to this and can’t stop grinning when I’m listening to it


@stickboy this is so good, m9


Did you investigate further?

Excuses for travellers and Spoon & rafter are both beautiful little albums