What are you listening to? (new thread for 2019)


doin’ it right now. altho I am snagged on this absolute beauty.


its not a bad problem to have :slight_smile:


heard this on Stewart Lee’s Late Junction episode with Tim Key and like it a lot. need to try the rest of the album, being reissued on Awesome Tapes From Africa, i should check out more of their releases.


This compilation of little indie bands on Stolen Records from 2007 (used to be a total sucker for that label). Parts of it stand up pretty well, parts of it are awful.


one of the all time great punk tunes. always find it weird they were basically shit apart from this. going underground could have been really good without that shitty bridge and organs too.






had this one on repeat. deep, deep feels. she just nails the feeling of resignation in the vocal melody and the words.




imma get on this whenever I stop listening to that SVE tune on repeat, if it’s [crying face]


was obsessed with this song at one point
don’t even know any other dj zinc stuff


maybe other people will find it overly sentimental or cloying or something, but in the context of being the album closer the unexpected lead guitar fading into birdsong absolutely did me earlier

good sentences


I’ve got it on now

nice folky lilt so far <3

woah it got all big


A song about some ghosts that are taking a shower called Ghosts in the Shower.


got ‘Vertigo’ by The Necks on.

can see myself finally listening to all of their albums - I feel like I need music I can put on and drift away to that is neither too emotional nor too formless.

only getting pretty, natural feels from this.



some times Spotify suggestions are actually really great!

Listening to Knife in the Water at the moment (makes me think of Yo La Tengo, Built to Spill, Galaxie 500 etc)


had this one on repeat. even though it makes me deeply, deeply sad when I listen thinking about the title, it’s also just perfect and comforting in its sadness.


I knew about Clint Dempsey’s music career but this is new information!!1