What are you listening to right now?



Very much so. Little Earthquakes, Choirgirl Hotel and Boys for Pele are all worth checking out. Some of the stuff after that might be too but I lost touch after To Venus and Back.


Uh absolutely yes!! Have you listened to the whole of little earthquakes???

EDIT: sorry, I got too excited to check if anyone else had said this first.


It definitely bears repeating. Brilliant record.


Every single track is brilliant. No skipping needed.


True, though I have to skip Me and a Gun if I’m not ready for it. It’s brilliant but just too stark and horrifying to bear sometimes.


Nope, only this song ever I think. I will rectify this asap though.

Also, this is a mad jam.


Haha what is this?!


It had over a million views! Just randomly stumbled on it but think I found a new anthem.



Haha!!! I thought that was a rodent on the hillside before it turned into someone’s head.


maybe lame af but goddamn pal


Mostly just this on a loop tbh tbf…


this album is so much fun


only got into it late last year, couldn’t believe it had taken me so long to hear it


pharaoh sanders? a tunnel!?

those are like my two favourite things


this, on a cool, breezy day


this the whole way through. best bit of music of 2017.


just listening to https://plug.dj/drownedinsound


i think @profk would enjoy that


Spiritualized are just as great and cool as when I was 16 why did I ever stop listening to them???