What are you listening to right now?


how good were Acetone, tho


Had this on a loop all day…




New Screaming Females record. 4 tracks in and so far, so good.


like to think if I ever manage to nail a band properly, we’d sound a bit like certain ratio.


I couldn’t get into it man. Honestly think it was maybe too triumphant/cheery.


think thats what I really like about it. a lot of noisy/droney electronic stuff tends to be quite dark (which is fine, I love that shit too), but fucking love how uplifting and…manic this gets.


Just finished listening to Radio Amor by Tim Hecker. Such an atmospheric album for sitting in a gradually quietening study space to.


I’ve listened to a few of the songs on this album before when I’ve been utterly broken.

just listening to ‘Hope Against Hope’ right now, which I listened to on repeat in 2011, after digging a grave for the cat we rescued when he died that Christmas. I sat on my nephew’s old swing in the back garden for an hour when I’d finished, in the dark, as it rained.

not the only time I’ve sat on a swing in the dark at a low ebb, either. comforting to rock back and forth a little, isn’t it.


love watching people perform steve reich. when the bald guy plays the intervals & the first time the key change happens are some of the best bits of music. i hope i have the chance to play this sometime before i’m dead.



I like this guy, I like this song and I like this session.




I’m going to see this Austin Texas duo on Thursday at the Finsbury so I’m re-familiarising myself with their songs.



this album passed me by a bit at the time, but this tune came up on shuffle as I was walking around the shop and it’s deffo a banger