What are you listening to right now?


such a gorgeous roundabout way that the melody in this takes to get to where it’s going. one of those albums/bands I’ve been meaning to listen to for years.


drunkenly nostalgically listening to blink182 (Enema and Take Off…)



cos i’m a wet blanket


oooo this is good


this Changed My Life


26 is the year female singer writer guff has become my go to genre


Just listening to these guys, pretty wonderful. Like Bedhead, but a daytime version… if that makes sense?


yeah, I get that :slight_smile: like… Bedhead sound sleepy (appropriately), whereas Acetone are out and about and more awake?


Totally, like Acetone have more sunlight in their DNA - a heatstroke weariness, rather than Bedhead’s can’t get to sleep tiredness. Or something.


One of those totally perfect songs, I’m always in the mood for this no matter how I’m feeling.



legitimate floor filler in '09.




Great clip of Cat Power with Mick and Jim from Dirty Three.
Ironically they’re not on the studio version from You Are Free, but Warren is.


Music for a Large Ensemble - Steve Reich



Lost classic. Quite literally. I used to have this and now I don’t.


Central Reservation by Beth Orton.



fell asleep listening to Down Colorful Hill by Red House Painters. I keep doing that, falling asleep unintentionally to music that I’m playing to comfort me from bad thoughts. falling apart, here.

got Long Division by Low on rn. ahh Low at gone 5am; it’s like second year of uni all over again. :frowning:


also been listening to the covers album a bit