What are you listening to right now?


Swap it up to Long Division by Fugazi?


Lodge by Lone Wolf.

Still incredible.



so mighty, so emotional…

srsly tho :sob: I don’t think there are many songs that can touch this for catharsis


Dug out these guys’ stuff in readiness for seeing them on Saturday.


The slower stuff in Final Fantasy soundtracks is the beeeessstt

(I’ve mostly been playing it with other music playing on the hi-fi lately, but I’m glad I caught this 'un)


ahhh man. Nobuo is/was pure genius. those midi vibes, that warm/cold feeling… I swear 70% of my love for those games is down to the music.


love it when he got jazzy


I was just trawling through the FFVIII OST on YouTube. I love the atmosphere of that game so much.


think I might casually start it again. I feel guilty playing computer games because I feel like there are more constructive uses of my times, and that I’ve already spent far too much of my life playing them. especially FFVIII.

but then I really want to. so I think I will.


Only this really. I think it’s all I will ever need.


I don’t so much now; it’s a nice and effective way to wind down and relax some times. Especially now that i dont really spend that much time playing games, they’re a nice thing to dip in and out of






this came up on Facebook and tbh I’m mainly posting it here so I remember to check it later

but I’ll listen to a bit off it now AS NOT TO BE A BRAZEN LIAR


bloody love this still


fancy wretch when he does that so credible i’m incredible line


been listening to loads of Miles Davis cos my friend’s obsessed with him
forgot how nice it is to talk to people who are passionate about music
Guess I should try harder to find people to go to gigs with


Please tell me you’ve been listening to In A Silent Way!