What are you listening to right now?


yeah 70s Neil is best in class


He won’t ever ever top a 1-2 of After the gold rush and Harvest mind.


more of an on the beach man myself. That record is perfect


I mean, it’s great, but it’s not ATGR


My experience with every Can album I’ve bought so far is: buy it, find myself not really in the mood to listen to it, and then, later on, listen to it on a whim and love it.


I’ve only really heard the big three but they’re all great. Mostly go to the one with the vegetable can on the front that I forget the name of though (I’m a rubbish music fan!). So funky


dunno man, you weren’t there stoned in my old house 10 years ago listening to it for the first time.


And you were there listening to a tape in me dad’s car aged 6.

That’s what I love about NY, everyone gets something totally different from it.


also singing along to tonight’s the night is great because it’s even better when you go out of tune


Pretty bleak track though


yeah but it’s so raw and nasty sounding. mmmmmmm


Again, that’s why he’s great.

I mean @Kallgeese likes mid 80s NY FFS.


Same! Presuming the big three are Tago Mago, Ege Bamyasi (the veggie can one), and Future Days. I grew up with a lot of Tangerine Dream records playing and allusions to Can and Kraftwerk, which is why my sibling’s German exchange partner was possibly weirded out at a dorky fourteen-year-old asking her questions about Krautrock


don’t even know what that is…it’s all just 70’s stuff then KEEP ROCKING IN THE FREE WORLD then his career ended right?


oh wait he wore a leather jacket in the 90s


in truth I tried to listen to his latest one and one of the first couple of tracks was like “I’mma keep on going…” or something and it was just a bit too cringe for me so I stopped listening


you’re forgetting the unwieldy portable music player empire


yeah those are the ones. There was some kinda unreleased tapes session or something released a couple of years back that had some great jams on it too though.


the Toblerone looking thing?



Basically realeased a load of shit to get out of his contract with Geffin (I think)

Neil Young Unplugged is one of the best live albums ever, which would been 1993, so I’d go there.