What are you listening to right now?


live at Massey hall 1971 is my second fav live album after Stop Making Sense.


oh yeah it’s fun to talk about music! Haven’t done this for ages :slight_smile:


Should definitely listen to unplugged man. So so good.


Including, most famously, Neil Young and a Grazing Horse which features approx. 3.7 seconds of Neil’s distinctively loud electric guitar playing and then approx. 39 minutes of him trying to calm down a spooked horse


that sounds amazing


I’m chuckling internally at the thought of Neil Young’s trying to soothe a maddened horse with his high-pitched drawl

As the “godfather of grunge”, he was able to enlist help from Stone Gossard in subduing the beast


man Vic Chesnutt was so good and unique


I love a bit of Neil Young chat. That run from Everybody Knows This is Nowhere to Rust Never Sleeps is unbeatable. There have been a few real gems since, though - Ragged Glory, Sleeps With Angels, Silver and Gold, Weld. Definitely Weld.


do you play the old geetar? If so what’s your fav Neil song to play? Mine used to be Tell Me Why but I don’t remember the chords anymore. Don’t Let It Bring You Down is also great fun to sing.


I play a little bit. Badly. Only Love Can Break Your Heart, and Heart of Gold, are my go-to drunken strum alongs.


They’re great because they often really simple songs that are just elegantly constructed.


This is the Twin Peaks performance I keep coming back to





Mate, I fucking love Hawks and Doves, Reactor and Trans but that’s it for his eighties stuff.

Oh, bar the Eldorado EP. One of the best things he ever released.


I’ve had this song in my head for the past month



Forgot this cover existed. Surprisingly not a pisstake


remember finding this on a free magazine compilation from a charity shop but cant remember which one/the theme. maybe just Beatles covers but vaguely remember there being more than one fall cover on it.


Think they did it for an old NME Beatles covers comp or something but might well have been reused later