What are you listening to right now?


Now lead me onto this






I have listened to this so much recently. over and over again.


put that Jane weaver album on at someone’s house and they told me it was shit :frowning:



magic bridge is a very special & important album and i love it. just listen to that track on repeat most times tho too. actually i listen to that and the title track one after the other, he gets it.


they’re shit. (they’re probably alright idk)


Black Dog in the Sky and Wooden Bag too, innit :green_heart::yellow_heart:


yeah black dog is my go-to nobody’s in the house and i want to sing really loud song.



Thought it was poppy enough that everyone would like it, think I’m bad at judging what music people who aren’t into weird music would enjoy, could never be a dj


did the same thing with that hookworms record recently at work

thought it was quite a nice poppy record that people who listen xfm could get along with (sounds like kasabian innt). didn’t work tho, grumpy faces.


listening to the trigger happy tv soundtrack lol

think it’s genuinely how I got into music aged 9


have to be a bit merry and throaty to do them justice myself. had a very funny evening with friends in Levenshulme after a Real Terms/Playacting gig when my friend was steaming and was bellowing bits of Dawson tunes at a silly volume.


drink singing is the best singing.


haven’t heard this in forever so just stuck it on. it’s making me a bit weepy.


fucking good album tbf


Decided to listen to Music Has The Right To Children; spurred on by this article https://pitchfork.com/features/article/why-boards-of-canadas-music-has-the-right-to-children-is-the-greatest-psychedelic-album-of-the-90s/ and the fact that the slow Spring evening was perfect for it


continuing from this, I’m on to Geogaddi this morning (the bleak weather outside is perfect for it; and I feel like it’ll get me in the mood for my planned watch of Solaris later)


Wanted to add an extra bit, but it took too long to type and I couldn’t edit it in sooooo…

One of my favourite memories related to this album is a fairly recent one. I was helping out on my friend’s short horror film (mainly as the driver) and thought I’d pack the car with eerie music in keeping with the film’s tone. After filming was finished, I offered to give the actors a lift home (partly because my understanding of the specifics of local geography is so poor that I didn’t realise until I’d dropped them off that I’d gone on a massive detour). During said lift, I had Geogaddi on – both (very tired) passengers were gushing about the music for much of the journey – and it fit so well with the drive: about one in the morning, horrible weather outside (but sheltered by the car; it was like that bit in Jurassic Park), and there was one part of the drive where I was just driving totally straight for ages down this eerie country lane, unlit and shrouded in fog and showers of rain. The whole thing was very Silent Hill-ish.


some ridiculous instrumental progressive metal, natch