What are you listening to right now?


Been listening to this a lot recently (I need to start buying more stuff on Bandcamp; I’ve been streaming a lot on there as part of trying to cut down on spending so much money, but I need to support independents and that). I love the track ‘Blink’ so much.


Stage 4 of The Caretaker’s Everywhere At The End Of Time. Listening to all five stages when they’re a complete album is going to be a harrowing experience.


this new stage is absolutely brilliant by the way, holy shit



Feel like Spiderland was written for shit weather days like today


nobody needs to make any more songs this year, it’s okay



Day off so delving into Nick Cave’s back catalog to accompany me on my errands…

Some highlights so far.


This is just great



Prompted by a thread on the music board, this:


just had this on


why’d I never listen to these before

like The Ex, but… like, equally as good as The Ex




better than the record version



Not purposefully listening but for some reason I keep hearing this old Gwen Stefani song when I’m out and about in shops, etc.



Finally watched this today