What are you listening to right now?


OK Computer, cos of some stupid Peep Show youtube video. First time in four years according to my Last FM.

Bit good, innit?

I mean, obviously I’ve listened to it a million times in the last twenty years, but it’s just… a bit good.






Listening to Six By Seven today, having seen them at the weekend. Genuinely mystified why they never managed any kind of following, ten or so albums in and they’re playing in front of about 200 at the Borderline. I know their kind of noise isn’t very fashionable at the moment but I hadn’t heard of them at all when they were at their peak (late 90’s, early 00’s) despite the fact that there was very little happening in guitar music at the time and I was still reading the music press then but never heard them mentioned.


There’s a bit part-way in ‘Peking O’ by Can when Damo Suzuki does a top-notch Pingu impression


v. nice, this. on a big Leslie Feist tip rn. always forget that her voice is like a garden of beautiful flowers.


I saw them a few times in the late 90’s. They were great gigs.


Saw these guys a couple of weeks ago. Wonderful stuff.


this over and over


The sounds of the couple in the next hotel room go at it like animals



Jaylib - Champion Sound

with the windows open and the SUN SHINING


fuck… this might be the best Talk Talk album, actually.

just got ‘April 5th’ on, and it’s just… the vibes are so deep. it’s the enigmatic sound of a distant, secondhand perception of adulthood in the 80s refracted through the bay windows of childhood friend’s houses and their parents’ cars with the blue green tint at the top.


what a bloody song



this fucking epic album


a teenage favourite. really enjoying it. so sue me.