What are you listening to right now?


i’d just like to spend a few days in a dark room listening to this on repeat


yess queen


warm but sad vibes



a Self Defense Family playlist very nicely made by @Severed799


Aw thanks! I was pretty happy with how that one hangs together


Wonder if this is the best ever track released by an 80 year old
amazing stuff


was just listening to this having opened it in a new tab earlier, came back to thread to tell you how great it is and then see this bombshell. Absolutely banger from the old lady.


@WizardLizard have you heard this version? much less random noise than the album version, so good.


now I have an actual film to look forward to too


I met up with a friend I haven’t seen in ages yesterday, partly because she had to go look after her father with terminal cancer and she was describing her grief as an “ache”. So:


no idea who this band, just came up on my youtube, pretty pretty pretty good


Frankie Sparo is the absolute best, I really wish everyone would realise this.


til there’s some knock-off what are you listening to right now thread on the music board that i accidentally bumped.

does she have the best hair? yes

gonna put this in it’s correct place.


Cheers for the link! Oh man this is 100 times better than the album version! Just read up on the track and found a quote from Brix’s book:

Brix herself comments in The Rise, The Fall and The Rise that “Bonkers in Phoenix” is based on a song she had written while back in LA called “Shiny Things”: “I thought ‘Shiny Things’ was maybe one of the best things I’d ever written. I didn’t even understand exactly what it was about - but it was extremely personal. When I look back at it now, it was inner child speaking. It was about not using the superficiality of outside influences to boost your self-esteem; but that all your strength and good feelings come from within you, are not false… Happiness comes from the inside. It was a really special song. When I wrote it, I dug down really fucking deep.” She expected great things of it, a lovely duet with Mark to go with the “gorgeous, subtle soundscape counter-melody” played by Scanlon. But of course: “Mark obliterated the song, in my opinion. He put the most ugly, vile noises on it, and drowned out any of the delicacy, and sped up my voice so I sounded like a cartoon demon - Alvin and the Chipmunks on crack. He wiped off Craig’s guitar… Mark says it was meant to be an experimental exercise of wandering between bands playing simultaneously at a festival… but I think he just wanted to destroy something that was special to me.”

The track definitely feels more comfortable as like shoegaze-y style ballad! It would have still stuck out like a sore thumb on Cerebal but for better reasons imo…



I always really like ones where Brix or someone else is singing properly and Mark is chatting some nonsense over it in the background


Cracking album Gromit.


Hmm me too usually but I think on the album version of bonkers, MES’s contributions are too high in the mix and shouldn’t take centre stage.

I reckon if they’d cut Bonkers and Pine Leaves, Cerebral would probably be more highly regarded. Both stick out like sore thumbs!


i really like both (but would swap Bonkers for the above version), think they both add a bit of necessary variety to an otherwise pretty one-note garage rock album. the only track i’d get rid of is the I’m Not Satisfied cover which sounds particularly half-arsed and reinforces that impression of the album as a whole i think.

i’ve seen North West Fashion Show also dismissed as one of the album’s low points but it’s always been my favourite!